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Revised and Updated January 2015

How did you start into all this?

The lightbulb moment. This was the photo that first sent a shiver down my spine and maybe set me off on my chosen career. It is from a 1966 horror /sexploitation film called Mondo Keyhole and was a photo in a magazine article pruriently denouncing to what depths the modern cinema had sunk and saying that there should be a halt to it al!l

(Sadly the effect was only to encourage my depravation even further. Maybe the editors should have thought about not titillating the reader with so many naughty pictures!)

Later on I had further lightbulb moments whilst perusing the few femdom magazines then available .

How long have you been drawing femdom art?

I think it started back in the mid 1980's, in a very minor way-the occasional drawing now and again, to satisfy my inner fantasies. It was always meant to just be a sideline but fate intervened and as so often happens, the leisure activity slowly came to take over into the profession it has become today.

One of my first clients was a magazine called "Shiny (mostly fetish oriented shiny pvc, leather etc ) now defunct I believe.Then a review came in Skin Two No 11, and that led to work for the AKSS, then Leg Show in the U.S.

I came to the Net quite readily in 1997, and put up my first website called Sartopia, which at that time was free.

In June 2001 I started a paysite called Oriental Whip Queens together with a fellow lover of oriental femdom-Nimrod.Although the subject was rather specific subscriptions were modest and we had great fun for about 5 months.

Then began the very fruitful relationship with humiliatrix.com Drawing one image for them almost every week served to sharpen my digital rendering skills and evolve a method of colouring line drawings using computer painting techniques. Still there were subjects which were just too bizarre to fit into the range that humiliatrix desired.

Who are your influences?

Actually although I admire certain artists there are very few who really specialize in Fem Dom so I feel like I'm blazing my own trail.There is a Japanese illustrator who I admire called Harukawa Namio who specializes in really fat bottomed girls, but apart from him, Stanton, and a few others the field is quite narrow. I am different from a fetish artist. I prefer to be known as a femdom artist. Although fetish is usually thrown together with femdom the two concepts are independent. Femdom can and often does take place without fetish clothes. Moreover I much prefer to depict scenes rather than pin-up type girls. I like to show an interaction between female and male. Among my favourites, I've always liked John Willie's watercolour paintings. Although he generally shows submissive females, they are all reacting to their masters and mistresses in an ecstatic manner. This is what really interests me. For black and white illustration I like the engravings of the Viennese Franz von Bayros and just at the moment I'm passionate about a French illustrator called Herric who illustrated erotica in the early part of this century.

What sort of medium do you use?

Many of my classics were painted in watercolour, and enhanced with permanent white gouache and black Indian ink. I used a variety of papers but generally a smooth hot-pressed paper stretched over blockboard.

For many of the fantasies and stories on this site I draw on paper first in ink-this is an artwork in itself- then scanning in and colouring up using Painter and Photoshop.I first began using this method when producing artwork for my own site Oriental Whip Queens. The original line drawings are kept and enhanced..going into another direction as collectable art.

Who buys your work?

Almost anyone- from wherever in the world - mistresses in England wanting art for their rooms, businessmen in New York or Hong Kong, The OWK in Czech Republic -even another artist in Australia, though it does seem to be ordinary working people who understand the strange idea of my needing to be paid a decent rate for my work. Most people buy simply because they love to have something of mine to look at, for investment secondarily.

Are you ever lost for ideas?

For my own personal fantasies, no. I have an envelope bursting to the seams with at least a hundred ideas in different stages of development, all waiting for their turn to come to the drawing board. Some will coalesce into others, some will just die off and the lucky few will be there at just the right moment when I need them. Finding a subject for updates on sardax.com is not the problem..welding them into something attractive is something else.

Do you work from models, photos or from imagination?

All three. There are advantages and drawbacks to each, though. With models you have to have the patience and tact to get them to pose in just the right way, and the more dominant they are naturally, the more difficult it is for them to do what I want but then,you do a much more authentic end-product .Often though it is just not worth the hassle to get a pose done and I fall back on drawing from imagination. This is surprisingly easy once you know all your anatomy and have been drawing as many years as I have, but you have to be careful that you don't just keep repeating a cliched face or expression, etc. I find in the end photos and videos taken from models give me the veracity that imagination lacks, but rather than tracing them, I prefer to study them and translate them into just the pose I want. From experience I know that tracing photos results in a stiff and lifeless drawing.In that connection I prefer to look at the work of amateurs drawing from their heads rather than careful tracings of photographs.

Was there a membership website on here?

Yes, there was but after 10 very good years showing a variety of new and previous artworks I decided to close for a number of different reasons; the main one is that I have become so busy with commissioned work that I could not give any more time to updating so would have had to leave it static. I have currently no plans to re-present the collected work in another form but if I do you can be sure you'll read about it on this site.

Can I see your work in books?

There was a book published by The Erotic Print Society, besides other books featured on that page. Regrettably now fully sold out and for now out of print. The publisher closed recently too.

I translated and ilustrated my own version of Venus in Furs in summer 2013. This is available to buy. See this page for details




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