Seasons of Mistress Lubyanka - Spring

Note by the commissioner ....

“The violent Russian spring, that seemed to start in an hour and was like the whole Earth cracking.”
The Goddess, Regal, Noble and Sublime, Owner of serfs, inspects Her Estates. This is Maslenitsa, when the arrival of spring is celebrated. The skylark sings to herald the warmth of the sun after the long, grey winter, and we, Her worthless possessions, toil naked and collared in the chill of the April air to till Her fields and prepare Her lands for planting. But when Mistress passes by we must stop all we do to offer Her bliny and vodka. These symbols of the renewal of the sun and the water of the Earth – the bliny are as the disk of the life-giving, golden orb - will bless our labour for Her and, we pray, temper Her natural sadistic inclination to punish us. A slave bows, subservient beside the stallion on which She rides side-saddle, resplendent in Her warm fur-lined riding habit. One graceful foot rests on the slave’s hands, the other upon his head. He bears an elaborate, barbed table on his back and yearns only to press his worthless lips to Her divine boots. Mistress is indifferent to his aching need. She will abuse him if it pleases Her; and perhaps at any moment the cruel riding crop She holds with the reins will lash His grateful body into submission.
She owns us; we are Her possessions, and every second of every day of every year we rejoice that we are Hers to torment as She desires.
She is the Sun that rises at the end of winter and brings the warmth of spring to Her slaves.

By the bond of Her ownership we are reborn - thank You Wonderful Gaspazha!

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